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"Title Winner of SIH 2019 – Hardware Edition" with a cash prize of Rs.50,000/-

The problem statement is Insulation issue in Auxiliary deck machinery motors. As the name suggests, the insulation resistance is the ability of the insulation material to resist the current flow.

·         With time, the insulation begins to age, and it causes deterioration in the performance of the insulation.

·        Harsh operating environments where the electrical insulation is exposed to extreme operating temperatures, moisture, and chemical contamination, as experienced on a ship, will accelerate the deterioration process.

·           It's extremely critical to always know the electrical condition (IR) of the insulation in ship's electrical equipment at all times to avoid any accident such as electrical shock, fire, short circuit etc. 


Ø     So our innovation caters to this by providing a suitable material of class H insulation(Silicone coated fiberglass fabric, winding wires, enamel coating for windings) that has the capability to provide excellent insulation, moreover the motor body has to be IP68 rated as per EED-Q-071(R4), thus we have designed a unique IP68(Ingress Protection) totally enclosed fully sealed motor body, sealed using silicone rubber, polyamide gland, mechanical seal and epoxy coating thus making the motor impervious to water and other fluids. The statement of technical requirement also stated the need for an anti-condensation heater and we have also provided one as per standards.

Ø       Our innovation will provide solution against water leakage, dust and chemical contamination and increase the insulation resistance in motors thus prevent short circuiting and potential fire accidents.

Ø     Our motor provides the required solution in a cost efficient manner. It will also meet the safety requirements and standards with excellent insulation resistance.